Duct Cleaning in Denver

Duct Cleaning in Denver, Boulder, Henderson, and the Surrounding Areas

Duct cleaning falls into the category of tasks that are easily forgotten. Vents and ducts are regularly overlooked as a household chore, and many homeowners cannot even recall the last time the ducts in their home were cleaned. However, cleaning the ducts and vents could be beneficial to your health and to your wallet. Cleaning your ducts regularly could extend the life of your HVAC system and lower your energy bills.

Impact on Indoor Air Quality

When you are thinking about cleaning the duct, one of the most important considerations should be improving the air quality in your home. Air quality in the home is severely impacted by the reduction in the air transferred between outside and inside. This is partially due to increased insulation and high-efficiency doors and windows. Although these features can remarkably lower your energy costs and make the space more comfortable, they are typically not supplemented with alternate means of ventilation. This contributes to pollutants remaining inside the home, since there is no escape route.

Air Duct Cleaning Methods

There are two main ways in which duct cleaning is performed by HVAC companies. One system involves using an attachment to create suction in your ventilation system. Basically, a high-pressure air hose is sent through the ducting to eliminate particles from the inside. The second technique involves using a specialized vacuum connected to a brush and hose system to run through the ducting. These two systems are quite effective when carried out by trained and experienced HVAC professionals.

Disinfecting Your Vents

A thorough job should include cleaning the inside of the ducting, cleaning all registers, and cleaning inside of the HVAC system. Additionally, it is important that the furnace fan is cleaned. As it relates to the heat pump and the air conditioning unit, the coils must be thoroughly cleaned as well. To complete the job, a disinfectant should be fogged through the system to get rid of any stubborn bacteria, mold, or dust mites that could still be hanging around and compromising the quality of the air in your home.

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